Translations and Copy Adaptation

“We serve a vibrant market that includes Hispanics and other cultural groups.

The question is, how can we translate and customize our communications in a way that resonates with them?”

You can start by choosing an agency with more than a decade of experience creating powerful communications in Spanish.

The Challenge

Houston has one of the largest Hispanic populations in the United States, and the city’s unique cultural blend has made it the nation’s most ethnically diverse metropolis, having surpassed New York and Los Angeles.

With this recognition comes a distinct challenge: How is your brand going to reach the diverse Hispanic market in a way that not only delivers the message, but also makes a positive impression?

Communicating to the various sub-segments of the Hispanic market is a delicate balancing act. A poorly translated or transcreated phrase will not only fail to win customers — it can damage your reputation and send that audience straight to your competitors.


The Solution

When done well, the translation or transcreation of your communication piece can help you build solid relationships that keep customers coming back again and again. And that’s exactly what we create for our clients.

By helping brands customize their messages to speak not only to Hispanic audiences in the U.S., but to specific demographics throughout Latin America, we build bridges that will last a lifetime. Well crafted translations can establish a foundation of trust that can not only attract and retain customers, but turn them into enthusiastic brand advocates.

We Speak Your Language: Results

For more than a decade, Imagina Communications has been the partner of choice for brands looking to connect with Hispanic and General  markets.


Today’s global businesses, particularly in the energy and healthcare industries, need translated materials that communicate effectively with audiences from Mexico to Colombia. For more than a decade, Imagina has translated content for some of Houston’s largest corporations as well as small but dynamic international companies.


Copy Adaptation and Transcreation

Communicating effectively with a Hispanic audience sometimes requires more than translation into Spanish — it takes the cultural knowledge of an experienced professional who knows the market. Let Imagina Communications fine-tune your message so that it speaks directly to your target market in a way that resonates even deeper with them.

For more information about how we can help you get inside the minds of your target customers, give us a call at 713-701-5389 or send us an email.

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